Welcome to the Institute for Academic Achievement.

Since 1982, IAA has been a leader in the Mid-Hudson Valley in preparing students for the SAT and the PSAT.  Faced with the significant changes in the test in recent years, we have worked steadily to revise our program so that it would remain the premier preparation course in the area.

With more than three decades’ experience, we know as much about preparing students as anyone, and much more than many.  Our instructors—who are all experienced teachers, not college students—follow a planned, sequential curriculum that is continually revised and updated.  Our results, without padding, have been consistently impressive.  The average increase in verbal and math scores is approximately 120 points; some students experience gains of 250 or 300 points and more. The writing test is too new for us to have meaningful data, but our results under the new 600-2400 scale should be comparably impressive. Furthermore, without having to pay for national advertising campaigns, we are able to offer our program at a reasonable price—less than half of what some of the more visible franchises charge.

For additional information, contact Michael Foley, IAA Director, at michaelkfoley@hotmail.com or (845)473-2145.